Terms and Conditions of the Top Model International Contest

1. The organiser proposes the participation of the candidate in the contest of models, models and influencers entitled «TOP MODEL INTERNATIONAL».
This contest is open to anyone between the ages of 16 and 35 years maximum, on January 1, 2024. Each candidate only participates in the competition because he/she wishes to do so for his/her personal and non-professional interest.
By participating in this competition, the applicant agrees with these Terms and Conditions described below (hereinafter “the Applicant” or together “the Applicants”).
The Minor Candidate expressly declares that his/her legal representative(s) has/have read these General Conditions and has/have indicated his/her agreement to them and his/her unconditional agreement to the Candidate’s participation.
Failing this, the Minor Candidate will be disqualified. The organiser will have the option of replacing or not replacing the Candidate.

2. The said competition shall include in particular:

°A screening test (online casting).
° A semi-final pre-selection test 
°A public semi-final event.
°A final public event. 

During the pre-selection rounds, the Contest Organizing Committee will decide which Candidates will be admitted to the semi-final round. 

The Semi-Finalist Candidates will be required to participate in the various activities scheduled by the organiser, including a photo shoot for the creation of a portfolio (with no obligation to purchase), three rehearsals for the Semi-Final, and the Semi-Final evening. 

Finalists will be required to participate in various activities scheduled by the organiser, including a press photo shoot, three or four rehearsals for the finals and a finals weekend. 

The selection will be based on the following criteria: photogenic, age, height, attitude and posture of the candidate. These selection criteria will be determined at the discretion of the organiser.

No complaint from Candidates, whether or not they are eliminated, will be accepted against the selection decisions of the Organizing Committee, which must not be motivated in any way. 

3. Participation in the competition implies full and unconditional acceptance of these general conditions, including any subsequent modifications that may be necessary due to fortuitous circumstances or force majeure. 

Wherever possible, the organiser will notify Candidates of such changes. 

Participation is limited to one entry per Candidate.

4.Participation in the contest is conditional on the online registration of the Candidates via the website (www.topmodelinternational.com).

Thus, if the Candidate is selected for the remainder of the competition, he/she must create an account and identify himself/herself. To this end, he/she will fill in, according to the information provided online, a form provided to him/her where he/she will include the information necessary for his/her identification and in particular his/her name, surname, telephone number, postal address and email address. All information is presented to the Candidates in English and French. 

Passwords and identifiers (or login) (together “Codes”) issued to the Candidate are strictly personal and confidential. The Candidate is responsible for the use made of its Codes. In case of suspicion of loss of confidentiality of its Codes, the Candidate will immediately inform the Organiser so that appropriate measures can be taken.

5. The Candidate certifies on his/her honour that he/she is not bound by any agreement or exclusive agreement with a modelling agency on the date of application until the end of the competition, failure to respect this commitment allowing the Organiser to exclude the Candidate from the competition.

The Candidate expressly undertakes not to participate in any beauty contest, nor to sign an undertaking by a contract which would bind him/her to an exclusive contract in a modelling or castings agency or to a company organising a beauty contest during the following period: between 1 March 2023 and 31 December 2025 and if it expires, the Candidate will cancel its commitment to attend such events during this period at its sole expense.

The winners of this contest will not be able to participate in another contest of model or Miss & Mister during the 2 years that will follow their election (2024/2025/2026).

6. Candidates declare that they are in possession of a valid identity document and, in the case of Candidates who are not nationals of the European Union, a valid passport covering the period of the contest (i.e., from February 25, 2023, to at least March 10, 2024. This document(s) will be requested by the organiser, which expressly reserves the right to make all necessary verifications regarding the identity and address of Candidates. 

Candidates under the age of 18 declare that they are in possession of a written authorisation from their legal representative(s) allowing them to travel alone.

Any false identity or false statement regarding the above documents will result in the direct elimination of the Applicant.

Applicants must provide truthful and accurate information to the organiser. Such information is declarative, and the organiser shall not be liable for any reason whatsoever in this regard. Any false declaration by a candidate may result in his/her disqualification. The organiser will have the right to replace or not the Candidate.

7. Participation in the Contest is free of charge and does not give rise to any form of remuneration and/or compensation. Participation in the Contest is free of charge and without any obligation to purchase any product and/or services.
In addition, any Candidate who reaches the semi-final of the competition must prove, within 30 days of his/her selection, the sponsorship by a company/company/trader or by a Sponsor of a minimum amount of two hundred and fifty€ in order to cover the training and preparation costs of the candidates. 

Finally, and without prejudice to the preceding paragraph, any Candidate who reaches the final of the competition must justify, within 60 days of his/her selection, the sponsorship by a company/partner/trader or by a sponsor up to a minimum amount of One Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty € in order to cover the costs of promotion, accommodation, food, activities, training and preparation of the Candidates and the organisation of the event.

The sponsors’ advertisement will then be put forward on the communication and promotion support of the sponsored candidate. These merchants or companies may not be involved in any erotic or pornographic activities. 

The travel and subsistence expenses of the Candidates selected for the semi-final and final rounds to attend the various activities organised by the organiser will be covered by the organiser upon presentation of receipts.

8. Candidates must present a certificate of good character, free of any criminal conviction, including police sentences, and not be known to the police. 

During the competition period, they must behave in an honourable and decent manner, refraining from excessive consumption of alcohol and/or tranquillisers and/or illegal substances and/or substances that may cause drunkenness or intoxication. 

Candidates must refrain from making any discriminatory, racist or xenophobic remarks. 

9. The Candidate agrees never to use directly or indirectly the name “TOP MODEL INTERNATIONAL”, the title won and/or the attributes related to them for political, ideological or religious propaganda or militancy, nor for erotic and/or pornographic purposes. 

10. If the Candidate behaves in a manner contrary to these rules and/or damages the image of the contest, the Candidate is fully aware that such damage may seriously harm the contest and the organiser and that he/she may be suspended or stripped of his/her title by the organiser. In the event of removal, the Candidate will be required to return to the organiser any gifts he/she may have received and will no longer be entitled to use or rely on his/her title. The gifts and title will then be given to the second place Candidate, at the discretion of the organiser.

If a Candidate is disqualified for any reason (voluntary departure, misrepresentation, non-compliance with these voting rules, etc.), the organiser may replace the disqualified Candidate with the Candidate who, among all the non-selected Candidates, has received the highest number of points. 

11. The Candidate confirms his/her interest in the media coverage of his/her image, voice, name, surname and any pseudonym that may result from his/her participation in the competition, in full awareness of the consequences that may result for him/her and which he/she fully assumes.

12. During the Contest Period, the Candidate assigns his/her image rights to the organiser, exclusively and free of charge, for the entire world. He/she expressly agrees that his/her image and/or voice may be reproduced and communicated to the public during the Contest Period.

He/she declares that he/she knows his/her image and/or voice will be fixed and declares that he/she has been fully informed in advance that all the audio and/or visual recordings made during the contest period may be broadcast to the public. 

Candidates acknowledge that they have been informed and accept that the decision whether or not to use their image will be left to the discretion of the organiser, which makes no commitment to use all, or part of the images recorded. 

The Candidate expressly authorises the organiser and all its beneficiaries to record and fix his/her voice and/or image, to reproduce, modify, adapt and distribute to the public the recordings, without limitation of number, in whole or in part on all known or unknown media and in all formats, including digital, free of charge or against payment. 

At the end of the contest period, the Candidate agrees, even if he/she no longer has a relationship with the Organiser, that the Organiser may use his/her image for promotional purposes of the contest as a former Candidate of the contest, without any financial compensation, on all communication and media supports throughout the world and for the entire duration of the contest, the only reservation to this unlimited transfer of the right of image being the obligation that these broadcasts do not infringe on the brand image of the Candidate.

The authorisations granted will remain valid in the event of a change in the current marital status of the Candidates.

Candidates guarantee the Organiser and all its beneficiaries against any recourse and/or action that may be taken by natural or legal persons who consider that they have any rights whatsoever to the use of their image and who may object to its publication. 

They declare that the transfer of their right to voice and image does not contravene the rights of third parties. 

Insofar as the Candidate, in the context of his/her participation in the contest and the sending of photographic and/or audio-visual material to the organiser, becomes the owner of intellectual property rights, in particular copyright and/or neighbouring rights, he/she assigns exclusively to the organiser all these transferable rights for the entire world and for the entire duration of the same. 

The copyright and/or related rights include all primary and secondary economic rights, including the rights of reproduction, distribution, communication to the public, rental and lending. 

In view of this assignment, the organiser shall be entitled to

– fix the Candidate’s performances, by all techniques, on any type of support whatsoever, in particular allaudio-visual supports and all types of advertising material. 

– make public the Candidate’s performances, to broadcast them, to transmit them and to communicate them to the public in any manner whatsoever (linear and nonlinear), throughout the world and via all media (including cable and satellite broadcasting, Internet, etc.); 

– reproduce the Candidate’s performance in an unlimited number of copies and to broadcast it throughout the world. 

– process and/or modify the Entrant’s performances by any means (including computer technology), subject to the Entrant’s right to object to any modification that may be detrimental to his/her honour or reputation. 

The Candidate agrees that, in the context of the exploitation of his or her performances, his or her name may be mentioned in the place and in the manner determined by the organiser.

No consideration may be claimed by the Candidate as a result of the authorisations and rights granted hereunder. 

The organiser shall have the right to transfer, free of charge or against payment, the rights as defined in this article, in whole or in part, to third parties or to grant a licence to exploit these rights to third parties.

The Candidate also indemnifies the organiser against all claims that third parties may make as a result of the use of the photographs or videos submitted by the Candidate during the casting sessions.

13. No prizes will be awarded as part of the casting (selection test). 

The winners of the contest will share the sum of €100,000 and will win superb trips with professional photo shoots and other gifts offered by the contest partners. 

The Candidates will not be entitled to any compensation, reparation or indemnity of any kind whatsoever and will therefore not be entitled to any claim under the foregoing, which the candidates expressly acknowledge.

14. Taking into account in particular the necessity, for the organiser, to preserve the image of the contest, the Candidate expressly agrees not to use, directly or indirectly, the name “TOP MODEL INTERNATIONAL”, the title won and/or the attributes related to these without the prior agreement of the organiser and to submit to the approval of the latter any proposals relating to his/her election and/or the contest, (commercial proposals, requests for interviews, photographic or televisual reports), which would be made to him/her directly. 

15. The participation of the Candidates in the contest does not impose any subordination of one of the parties to this agreement to the other. The parties definitively and irrevocably exclude the application of the regulations applicable to employment contracts. Under no circumstances will the organiser be held responsible for any accidents, costs, direct or indirect damage that may occur during and as a result of participation in this contest. Likewise, the organiser of the present contest will not accept any responsibility for any direct or indirect damage that may occur during the selection days and evenings, semi-finals and finals, and the preparatory or related activities to these days and evenings. If the competition is postponed, cancelled or interrupted in whole or in part for reasons beyond the control of the organiser, the organiser will not assume any liability whatsoever. 

16. The Applicant represents that his/her legal representative(s) have endorsed this Agreement on the day he/she reaches the age of majority. The Applicant declares that the Applicant’s legal representative(s) also jointly and severally guarantees the obligations entered into in the name and on behalf of the Applicant hereunder. 

17. Cases not provided for in this Agreement shall be decided by the organiser and its decision shall not be subject to appeal.

Any deviations from this agreement must be in writing. Any amendment to these general conditions can only be made in writing. These general terms and conditions contain the entire agreement between the parties. It replaces and cancels any other previous written or oral agreement, having in whole or in part the same object. 

The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of this Agreement shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions. In such a case, the parties undertake to replace the invalid or unenforceable clause with a valid clause which is the closest in economic terms to the invalid or unenforceable clause. 

The fact that one of the parties does not avail itself of one or more provisions of this Agreement at a given time shall not be construed as a waiver of its right to do so later. Any notification from party to party under this agreement shall be validly made by registered letter, fax or electronic mail addressed to the registered offices and addresses mentioned at the top of this agreement, if a modification notice of these registered offices and addresses has not been served. 

18.The Candidate declares that he/she has read and agrees with the Legal Notice of the Website and the Privacy and Cookies Policy.

19. Unless mandatory protective provisions apply, the contractual relations between the parties shall be governed by French law, notwithstanding any contrary provisions of any international instrument or Belgian or foreign private international law, even in the event of a warranty claim. In the absence of an amicable settlement, all disputes to which the present agreement, its formation, interpretation, execution, termination or resolution could give rise, will be submitted to the courts of Paris.