Regulations of the Top Model International casting

The casting is open on the dates mentioned on the website. Participation in the casting process implies acceptance of these rules.

How to participate?

Participation in the casting is conditioned by the online registration of the candidates via the form available on the Top Model International website.

Conditions of participation

Candidates must be between 16 and 35 years of age as of January 1, 2024 

The minor applicant expressly declares that his/her legal representatives have read these Rules and have indicated their agreement to them and their unconditional agreement to the participation of the candidate. Failing this, the minor candidate will be disqualified.

The candidate – or his legal representatives if he is a minor – undertakes not to participate in any beauty contest, nor to sign an undertaking by an exclusive contract that would bind it to a modelling or castings agency or a company organising a modelling or beauty competition on the date of sending the application to the present casting and thus to the acceptance of these Rules until the day following the final, the date of which will be fixed by the organiser if the candidate is selected or, otherwise, until the day on which the candidate is informed that his participation in the competition is not accepted.

To be valid, an entry must contain the following information:

Name, first name
Full address
Age and date of birth
Email address
Telephone number

Consequently, failure to provide the above will mean the candidate will not be considered as valid and will not engage the organisers of the contest:

– Entries made after the casting dates, the organising company accepting entries made the day before the contest within the limits of available places.

– Photos of poor quality or not corresponding to the required modalities.

– The absence of contact information.

– Incomplete or erroneous contact information.

Any indication of false identity will result in the elimination of the candidate.

The registration will be validated only if it is made by the candidate under his/her own name or by his/her legal representatives if he/she is a minor.

Only one registration per candidate will be considered.

The organiser reserves the right not to publish or select for the contest any photo or video that it deems not to correspond to the values promoted by Top Model International, for whatever reason. It also reserves the right to delete any application at any time during the casting process at its sole discretion and without having to justify itself.

The photos and videos posted online may not be modified. However, they may be withdrawn at the express request of the candidate. Subject to this condition, the candidate agrees that the organiser may continue to use his/her image for promotional purposes of the Top Model International contest as a former candidate, even if he/she no longer has a relationship with the organising company. By participating in the casting, the candidate – or his/her legal representatives if he/she is a minor – agrees that his/her photos and videos, if applicable with his/her first and last names, may be posted online on the various communication networks of the organiser, its social networks, but also, depending on the needs related to the promotion of the casting, on the Top Model International contest website. 

It is understood that the photos and videos provided during the casting are completely free of rights, which the candidate – or his/her legal representatives if he/she is a minor – guarantees. The candidates – or their legal representatives if they are minors – are solely responsible for the photos and videos posted online.

No compensation can be claimed by the candidates for the use of their photos and videos by the organiser. 

The selection criteria are defined by the organiser and are based on the photogenic, the attitude, the age and the size. No complaint from candidates who have been eliminated or not will be accepted against the selection decisions of the organising committee, which must not be motivated in any way. 

No prize will be awarded during the casting (selection test). 

Candidates are excluded from casting if they are bound by an exclusive contract with a professional model agency.


The organiser can in no way be held responsible for the malfunctioning of the internet network, the proper sending and receiving of emails, problems affecting postal services, the poor broadcasting of the casting, its suspension or cancellation, or the quality of the photos and videos included in the casting.

The organiser reserves the right to modify these Rules or to suspend, modify or terminate the casting, or any part of it, at any time, at their sole discretion and without notice, in particular in the event of circumstances disrupting the planned conduct of the casting. The duration of the casting is indicative and may be modified by the organiser at its sole discretion.

In no case shall the organiser be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages or accidents that may occur during and following participation in this casting.

The Regulations

Participation in the casting process implies full and unconditional acceptance of these Rules, the conditions of organisation, the casting process and the results.

Any case not covered by these Rules, the Legal Notice, the Privacy Policy, the Cookie Policy or the General Terms and Conditions of the Top Model International contest will be decided by the organiser, and its decision will be final.

All complaints must be sent by registered mail to:

Top Model International
2 alléeSaudan b13
83120 Sainte-Maxime (France)

The complaint must indicate the date of the casting, the surname, first name, full address, and email address of the candidate.

Any complaint intervening in a delay higher than one month after the closing of the casting will be automatically rejected. No claims will be accepted after this period.

The Top Model International casting is organised by:

2 alléeSaudan b13
83120 Sainte-Maxime (France)
SIRET number: 49224148400012

Any questions or comments related to the casting should be addressed to:

Applicable law and competent jurisdictions

Except for imperative protective provisions that may apply, the present rules are subject to French law. In case of dispute, only the Courts of Paris will be competent.